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Facebook Marketing Guide – Every Marketer Should Know

Facebook is known as the world’s most popular social media platform, as it has more than 2.74 billion monthly active users. Marketing professionals have many opportunities to reach new audiences and expand their company’s reach.

So, is there a way to capitalize on these opportunities? Making an effective Facebook strategy in marketing.

We will help walk you through a guide to using this social media platform to your advantage.

Facebook Marketing: What It Is and Its Types

Facebook marketing is an umbrella term for marketing your brand on this social media platform. It includes:

Why should you go for Facebook marketing?

Already 90 million brands are on this social media platform. Approximately 1.88 billion people use Facebook daily, and about 17 percent connect with brands and products via this site.

Want to know more? Around 45% of people using the internet turn to Facebook to learn more about the products they want to buy.

Different types of Facebook Ads

There are four main ad types that Facebook lets you choose from.

Image Ads – The ideal type of marketing to drive traffic to your website is static image ads. Their headline should not exceed 40 characters and must be in PNG or JPG format. Image ads are perfect for concise and clear CTAs since they only have 125 characters for the main message.

Video Ads – Using video ads will help you broadcast your products, boost your brand, and promote customer testimonials. The average engagement rate for video posts on Facebook is 6.09 percent, which is impressive, but the quality needs to be high, and the message should be clear to keep viewers engaged.

Carousel Ads – Brands can use carousel ads to show multiple images of the same product from different angles. In real estate marketing, carousel ads are not ideal for showcasing different listings or products, such as properties.

Collection Ads – As with image ads, image collections are great for presenting products in your e-commerce store. Still, you can only include a short headline and 125 characters in your primary message, so they could better convey a lot of information.

Facebook Ads: Tips for Making Them Attractive

Here are some points to remember if you want to create an attractive campaign for your brand.