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Content writing services are agencies, firms, companies, team of writers, or even individual content writers who provide various types of content by charging a fee. Usually the price is per word basis. Major content writing service agencies also have bundle plans for bulk content requirements. Content writing services are experts in the field of writing content for various niche and industries.

The pricing plans of content writing services depends on factors such as the quality of content offered, experience in the field, delivery time, amount of content required and niche of the content. The prices of the top content writing services (with reasonable price structure) that offer quality services range between INR 2 to INR 5 per word. 

Working with Codecare Infotech Copywriters

It takes experience, skill, and correct application of the best sales writing practices by a talented copywriter to come up with a convincing copy. And we are experts at this. Our Copywriting agency in India will help your business by creating copies that:

  • Gives You An Edge Over Your Competition

Our copies will help you beat your competition in no time. Our copywriters have that skill to write compelling copies that will glue the audience to your business for a lifetime.

  • Increases Your Conversions

We will connect with your audience emotionally that will result in more engagement and hence increase your conversion rates.

  • Helps You Rank On Search Engines Faster

We also take care of your SEO while crafting copy so that not only does the content resonate better with the audience, it also helps you get on search engines as quickly as possible to drive organic traffic.

  • Convert Your Leads Into Paying Customers

What differentiates content from copy is the intent to sell. When our writers craft copy for you, you can take your business to new heights as more visitors convert into leads and then into your customers.


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Content Writing

We are Your Help Mate in Content Writing

Content Assistant is a content writing service agency in India that provides all types of content solutions at affordable prices. We specialize in industry specific content. When your business engages in content marketing to acquire customers, we help you create valuable content marketing assets.

As one of the top Content Writing Services in Indiawe have been consistently delivering relevant content to fuel your long-term content marketing campaigns. We help brands to create all types of content for content marketing goals.

GelberoTeam Leader
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Codecare Infotech is the one stop solution to all your online marketing needs. They offer various all inclusive packages which definitely boost the online presence of your business. They also ensure utmost client satisfaction.
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Thanks for best digital marketing service. Before my website ranking not showing in first page. After I was get codecare infotech digital marketing service. And my website ranking showing in first page and also increase our website traffic.
LewisProject Manager
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Great job, The best Digital marketing company in Surat. codecare infotech team has helped turn our SEO around and we are finally seeing accurate results. And deliverables aside, their team is consistently accommodating, flexible, responsive, and diligent. It really feels like we're working with a partner. Choose them for the best SEO services.
Best Content Writing In Surat Gujarat.

Why Work With Us ?

Based on these 6 factors, our dedicated digital marketing team follows a collaborative approach to reach the targeted goal.

You Are The Priority

We Prioritize Your Priorities, Business Goals, And Targeted Customers To Create A Dynamic Marketing Strategy To Boost Your Business Efficiency.

Our Methods And Tactics

To Empower Your Business, We Utilize Various Marketing Tactics And Online Channels To Reach Your Targeted Audience.

Honesty And Hard Work

We Strive To Continuously Improve Digital Experiences That Interact With People And Keep Them Interested In The Products And Services Of Our Clients.

Satisfied Client Base

We Develop Groundbreaking Strategies That Create Maximum Awareness Of Your Brand And Convert Visitors Into Customers Which Offer Great Satisfaction To Our Clients.

Cost-Effective Project Management

We Ensure To Offer Budget-Friendly Digital Marketing Services That Help To Increase Your ROI.

Flexible Working Models

We Offer Fully Flexible Working Models Which Enable Us To Unlock New Opportunities To Achieve Success.


Website Content

We provide clients with the best textual and graphical content for their websites. We write compelling and engaging content that exactly defines your website’s objective and vision. Create a benchmark website for your business with our services.

Blog Writing

Blogs are the new marketing winners. The persuasive capacity of an engaging blog is second to none. We write informative and relevant blogs that drive more traffic and subscriptions and ultimately help you in marketing and selling your products.

Content Editing

Our content editing services curate all drafts to make it the best version of itself. The edited version is crystal clear and error-free. Our editors get rid of all logical issues, and factual blunders, and ensure an effective and cohesive final draft.

Social Media Content

From engaging Facebook posts, LinkedIn articles to unique content for YouTube videos and descriptions, our content writing services provide all types of material, scripts, etc. for your social media marketing campaigns.


eBooks are standard marketing means to educate your prospective customers about the products and services that you offer. You can count on our content writing solutions to create informative, well-researched, and high-quality eBooks.

Academic Content

Our academic content writing services assist you in writing your academics-related material such as curriculum designing, research articles, reports, book chapters, academic blogs for college websites and many more.